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 t  o  d a  y  's    n  o  i  s  e  :   y  e  s  t  e  r  d  a  y  ' s    f  u  t  u  r  e
The electronic music scene today is the hardest one to describe. The beginning of the genre was very clear, just a few people were busy making those idiot noises and even had the ‘wit’ to call it music. Enough uproar in itself. As written before, nowadays everyone can make electronic music, using laptops or even smart phones. The future will tell which ones were after all the most representative of this generation, but lots of them, the most, will disappear in a never ending fog. An additional problem is the fact that electronic music has splintered in many sub streams, destination unknown…

Although some more popular artists in the field of electronics were mentioned on various pages, this page is more or less meant to name just a few people of this era. Writing that, immediately there appears to be another problem since no-one seems to know what happens all over the world concerning this subject. Yes, of course there are festivals, Ars Electronica is probably the most important one, and presentations and good willing record companies, but still there is a lack of actual information. So it is necessary to handle with the information which is available and which fits in the plan of this site. Bring in the noise.

Let’s start with the new series released by Sub Rosa; one of the more important 'players' in the field. The words Sub Rosa are Latin, meaning under the rose, which stands for a secret, only known by few. It was often used in the Middle Ages in secret romantic affairs. The origins lay in the mythology; Aphrodite gave a rose to her son Eros who gave the rose to Harpocrates, the god of modesty, who in favour wouldn’t tell anything about Aphrodite’s amours. Back to reality. The so named New Series Framework tries to create knowledge about interesting composers from all over the world. All discs are produced in very limited quantities, but on the other hand I’m sure the limitation is still high above the actual sales. Until now we have met: Cristian Vogel (Barcelona); Ulrich Krieger (New York); Francisco López (Madrid); Novi_sad (Athens); Israel Martinez (Guadalajara); Philippe Petit (Marseille); Benjamin Thigpen (Paris); Daniel Menche (Portland); Rogelio Sosa (Mexico City); Jamka (Slovakia); Berangere Maximin (Paris, picture left) and Erdem Helvacioglu (Turkey). Some of this musicians, or sound creators, are ‘famous’ in certain circles already. Their productions sometimes absorbing, sometimes surprising but never fail to attrack attention. The interfaces with other experimental music (jazz, experimental rock) are often very thin and sometimes not new or fresh but still try to give a new perspective in sound.

That counts even more for a very, very small record label named Feld. Feld, based in Frankfurt and run by Bernhard Schreiner and Heike Schleper is something for connoisseurs. Their five (!) releases since 2004 are really something else. Of course all releases are limited editions (see Sub Rosa). The discs are housed in cardboard boxes with a leaflet and a design print on it. All boxes are packed with a wrapper which needs to be cut to open. The two 3” and three 5” discs and boxes reveal the world of pure noise. sinus waves, hiss. drones and other mildly irritating sounds which tantalize the listener but still drown them into the ungoing soundscape. Carlos Giffoni (Venezuela), Kouhei Matsunaga (Osaka), Pure (Vienna), Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Linköping) and @c & Vitor Joaquim (Portugal) appears to be the artists on this label. Without hesitation the releases are worth listening to. The latest release 'de-tour' (@c & Vitor Joaquim) has a beautiful drone which guides you into the world of modern noise. Feld doesn't exist anymore.

Talking about music ‘Invisible Architecture’ sounds great. Between 2002 and 2003 eight discs housed in super jewel boxes were released on the short living Audiosphere label. Another great word. All discs were dressed up with ‘structures and monochromes' on reports of the golden number 1,618033989’. Of course! Fibonacci revealed and with that the Golden Ratio, often used in art and architecture. By definition, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. So what we have here is Art (capital) in all its forms. The music though is ten years old by now. In fact that is no point of discussion either. This music is mostly so ‘futuristic’ for most people, that even music from the former age are sounds coming out of a far future or, even easier, from another planet. Alien sounds. Wasn’t that what we were looking for after all? The names: Jeck (England), Yoshihide (Japan) and Tetreault (Québec); Vainio (Finland - picture left) and Fennesz (Austria); Janek Schaefer (England); Jan Jelinek (Germany); Microstoria (Germany); Oren Ambarchi (Australia) and Gunter Muller (Swiss); Stephen Vitiello (USA) and Scanner (England);  Taylor Deupree (USA) and Christopher Willits (USA). And again, thrilling, tense sounds, which keeps you busy digesting but in the good sense of the word.

Thirty years ago, 1982, a new independent label, Touch started its activities by releasing cassette magazines (those were the days) with artists like New Order, Robert Wyatt, Jah Wobble (PIL), Einstürzende Neubauten the almost unknown, Virginia Astley and many more and also published the first recordings by a certain Enya. Nowadays label runners Jon Wozencroft (left top) and Mike Harding (left bottom) run a quality label full of contemporary experimental music mostly packed in beautiful cover photographs of Wozencroft himself. The musicians who produce music for Touch can be found all over this site. But to name a few important once on this page is absolute necessary: Fennesz, Biosphere (Norway), Oren Ambarchi, Philip Jeck, Rosy Parlane (New Zealand), BJ Nilsen (sweden), Chris Watson (England), Mika Vainio, Jana Winderen (Sweden),  Ryoji Ikeda (Japan), Carl Michael von Hausswolff and many others. As Boomkat wrote in 2008: “Take the time to explore deeper and you won’t be disappointed…" By mentioning the artist for Touch and looking back on this page some names seem to be mentioned more often. Maybe there could be concluded that some artists or more important now already then others. The answer lays in the future.

Francisco López

Vitor Joaquim

Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Otomo Yoshihide

Oren Ambarchi

Rosy Parlane

Biosphere (Geir Jenssen