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As you might have read elsewhere on this site, there is a lot, and I mean a lot electronic music to be found on various carriers. This page is meant to be some kind of a guide into the land of alien sounds and others deviations.

The question is, how deep do you want to delve into this music?

Mostly the start is easiest with a compilation. Number one is of course the set which is produced years ago, but still going strong: Ellipsis Arts’ ‘Ohm, The Early Gurus of Electronic Music’ set. Original a three CD-set, but in recent years expanded to a 4 disc set with disc 4 being an interesting DVD with over two hours of performances, interviews and animations. The 3 discs contain 42 original tracks from 1948–1980 and in the box also housed a 112 page book with artist interviews, commentaries and some archival photographs. The set is more or less chronological, starting with Clare Rockmore and Pierre Schaeffer to name just two on disc one and ends with MEV. Disc two opens with Raymond Scott and surprisingly enough Sonic Youth and ends with La Monte Young. The third begins with Charles Dodge en Paul Lanski and ends with Klaus Schulze, Jon Hassell and Brian Eno. Not all that early as a matter of fact. In between you’ll find a load of others more or less well known composers. The set gives a reasonable view on the more easy site of electronic music. IF you want to know something about the subject but not necessarily all, this is the best one to start with.

The other place to start is Forbidden Planets: Music from The Pioneers of Electronic Sound (Chrome Records). Original a 2 disc set, but now, in good tradition, expanded with Forbidden Planets Vol. 2, with two more discs. Schaeffer (again of course), Eimert, Cage, Stockhausen, the Barrons, Xenakis, Baltan, Varèse and Ligeti on set one. Russolo, Antheil, Messiaen, Babbitt, Goeyvaerts, Ussachevsky, Oram, Raaijmakers and others on the second set. Another fine compilation to start with. The two sets give a good view, although the window you are looking through is mostly western.

The third, least interesting, set for starters is Music for a Retro Future with Disselvelt, Scott, the Barrons, Le Roy and Varèse. The second disc in the series is Klangstudie and Komposition with Eimert, Maderna and Goeyvaerts. Not the best sets to start with since the chosen works are limited to a few. On the other hand the selected music is great. Uncertain is whether Other Sounds will release more sets. In fact that will be necessary to give a good view on this complicated music and all its ins and outs.

There are more compilations on the market of course, but no one you wanted to start with. The three mentioned above will do for a reasonable start.

But… if you want more and/or expect more you have to go one step beyond and hit for the seven double (six now, one set is still to be released) sets from Sub Rosa. On another page on this site I already mentioned the fact that Sub Rosa is for years now a leading company in the world of electronic music. The proof of the pudding are Guy Marc Hinant’s (pic. left) compilations: Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music; a seven set overview. First set (1921-2001), second (1936-2003), third (1952-2004), fourth (1937-2005), fifth (1920-2007) and sixth (1957-2010) and final (1860-2012). Almost every composer, known or unknown is introduced on these sets. The liner notes are excellent. All discs are a real treat and sometimes give a surprising look into the music. For instance the sixth volume has a built in Japan-special. And what about recent music? 2012 really comes close in that matter. The set is only limited by difficulties with some author rights as Guy Marc once mailed me. Sometimes the inherits don’t approve the use of old tapes or recordings. What a pity.

Next? After you bought the sets and listened to them more than once, there is your own deluge. Discovering new music is exiting, sometimes disappointing, but mostly a joy. There is a lot to discover in electronic music. The good point is, the story never ends. Maybe this site will help you a tiny bit discovering new horizons. Maybe more information will be uncovered on the near future on a new page on this very site.

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Ohm - the Early Gurus

Forbidden Planets 2
The Forbidden Planets sets

Music for a Retro FutureKlangstudie & Komposition
Music for a  Retro Future/Klangstudie & Komposition

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An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music, Fourth A-Chronology, 1937-2005

Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music 5Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music 6

Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music 7Anthologies of Noise and electronic Music, vol 1-7