t  h  e   i  n  n  e  r  f  i  e  l  d 
b  i  n  n  e  n  v  e  l  d / i  n  n  e  r  f  i  e  l  d    i  t  s  e  l  f
Het Binnenveld, as in the original Dutch language is a unique agricultural area between four cities, the so called WERV-cities. WERV stands for Wageningen, Ede, Rhenen and Veenendaal. Het Binnenveld is bounded by the A12 highway in the North, the main road between Wageningen and Ede in the east, the river Rhine in the south and the main road between Rhenen and Veenendaal in the west. Het Binnenveld measures around thirty square kilometers. Most part of it is indeed an agricultural area, but the western part is also giving shape by a small stream; the Grift.

Het Binnenveld is planning protected and highly valuable as a grassland bird area. Here you can find Peewits, Godwits, Oyster-catchers and Curlews. But also the Little Owl, Screech Owl, Swallow, Martin and of course the Stork and Blue Heron. A serious and driven group of voluntary bird protectors tries to restore the presence of Skylark, Partridge and Kingfisher.
Het Binnenveld is a so called silence-zone. Often the roads are closed for traffic, allowing only walkers, cyclists and runners a free passage. Farmers of course have permit to all areas.

Het Binnenveld is created in the last years of the Middle Ages and is known for it's long straight ways with trees on each side. The biggest part is used for kettle, cows mainly. But recently there are more meadows with horses and sheep in it. The south part is clay on peat land, whereas the western part once existed of peat moor. That is the part where Veenendaal is built. In the western part you can also find the rare blue moor grass: Junco-Molinion. A specific grass species, which grows on bare wet ground.
In April 2010 a project was presented to conserve the special aspects of the area and where possible re-create lost aspects. Uncertain is another plan to link the A30 highway in the north with the A15 over the Rhine in the south. The new highway would cross het Binnenveld and probably destroy the specific character of the area.

Beautiful are some of the names of parts of het Binnenveld, most of them date from the Middle Ages: De Hel (The Hell); De Blauwe Hel (The Blue Hell) and Goede Troost (Good Comfort).

Below is a map of the area. The green lines are the roads with trees, the pink lines gives the passage way for animals, the thin blue line is de Grift.
all pictures paul lemmens 2012